November 5, 2007, held in South Korea at the second World Commodities Championships for the first time performed by the State Technical College (KUKKIWON),The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), and the Korean Taekwondo Association (KTA) have jointly created the Bike and Han Ryu,。

Competitive potential is in December 2006 began to study the creation, there are four sets, the completion and performance is one of the two sets, respectively, suitable for young people Hanliu (Han Ryu) and suitable for middle-aged soldiers will Bi Gak).

Han Ryu (Han Ryu) focus on light and elegant, the action is very difficult, the balance of the body and control have higher requirements;While the soldiers (Bi Gak) of the product is more attention to the power of action sense, although Han flow (Han Ryu) slow, but the rhythm is more prominent and more stable. The performance of the soldiers (Bi Gak) and the Korean Wave (Han Ryu) two new potential is recognized by the three recognized groups, after two to three years of popularity is expected to become a formal competitive sports.

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