The term Palgwe is loosely translated as Eight Powers of the Universe, and these eight Palgwe poomse are based on these conceptual powers of Heaven, Mind, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, and Earth. According to K. M. Lee (Tae Kwon Do: Techniques & Training, 1996), "The idea of Palgwe embraces different symbols and includes all opposing concepts and images. They grow through the process of constant an endless state of development. These forms are meant to give the student an understanding of the basic principles of [Taekwondo], which are characterized by contrast-change and coming together, conflict and harmony-thereby corresponding to the idea of Palgwe."

Palgwe 1 Jang(八卦一型)

Palgwe 2 Jang(八卦二型)

Palgwe 3 Jang(八卦三型)

Palgwe 4 Jang(八卦四型)

Palgwe 5 Jang(八卦五型)

Palgwe 6 Jang(八卦六型)

Palgwe 7 Jang(八卦七型)

Palgwe 8 Jang(八卦八型)

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