Taekwondo Meanings of Belts

Taekwondo upgrade and rise, not only need to assess a variety of taekwondo technology, but also review personality, patience, courage, honesty and other spiritual accomplishment. Taekwondo is divided into ten and ten sections. Ten is the lowest level, one is the highest level, and then into the segment. One is the lowest segment, Ten is the highest segment.

Grade 10 White Belt - Signifies innocence as that of a beginning student who has no previous knowledge of the art of Tae Kwon Do.
Grade 9 White Belt PlusYellow Line
Grade 8 Yellow Belt - Signifies earth, a plant sprouts and takes root as the Tae Kwon Do foundation is being laid.
Grade 7 Yellow Belt Plus Green Line
Grade 6 Green Belt - Signifies the plant‘s growth as Tae Kwon Do skills begin to develop.
Grade 5 Green Belt Plus Blue Line
Grade 4 Blue Belt - Signifies the heaven towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as the training in Tae Kwon Do progresses.
Grade 3 Blue Belt Plus Red Line
Grade 2 Red Belt - Signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away.
Grade 1 Red Belt Plus Black Line
Black Belt Black Belt - Opposite of white, therefore, signifying the maturity of proficiency in Tae Kwon Do. Also indicates the wearer‘s imperviousness to darkness and fear.

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